【Ghibli Studio Piano】おやすみジブリ・秋な のピアノメドレー【作業用、勉強、睡眠用BGM】


A cat has absolute emotional honesty 😺
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00:00 – Ponyo On The Cliff OST – Gake no Ue no Ponyo (Main Theme) (Piano Cover by Moose)
03:52 – Porco Rosso OST – By Gone Days Please Remember (Piano Cover by Moose)
07:48 – Castle in the Sky OST – Carrying You Please Remember (Piano Cover by Moose)
14:00 – Howl’s Moving Castle OST- Promise of the World Ending Theme (Piano Cover by Moose)
19:36 – One Summer’s Day (Piano Cover)
25: 35 – Merry-Go-Round (from ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’)
31:36 – Spirited Away OST – Always With Me (Piano Cover by Moose)
38:12 – Tales of Earthsea OST – Song of Time (Piano Cover by Moose)
44:10 – The Cat Returns OST – At the Crossroads (Piano Cover by Moose)
48:26 – The Secret World of Arrietty OST – Arrietty’s Song Please Remember (Piano Cover by Moose)
53:17- My Neighbor Totoro OST – The Village in May (Piano Cover by Moose)

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